20 Years of Transformation with Optiven – OPTIVEN

20 Years of Transformation with Optiven

For the last 20years, you trusted Optiven to transform your life by giving you a place to call home!

Looking back at our growth, we've transformed our projects to the best-gated communities that are home to the best value additions. Our dedicated team are on standby to serve you anytime. Our promise? We have disbursed over 6000 title deeds, scooped major awards over the years, provided job opportunities, empowered Kenyans in Diaspora to invest back home, transformed lives through the Optiven Group Foundation and now...

Optiven has hit a MAJOR MILESTONE! Join us ONLINE on 29.04.2021 for 20 Year Celebrations! As we celebrate, we are giving you 20,000 shillings as you invest 800k

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