Optiven Offers a Surprise Bonus in Rafiki Gardens – OPTIVEN

Optiven Offers a Surprise Bonus in Rafiki Gardens

It all started with negotiations with the County & KERRA and then the results came quickly. The tractors were soon roaring from Kantafu heading 5km into Rafiki Gardens (Former Blessed Gardens). The real Blessings are being realized now. We thank God

And it is now official that our Rafiki Gardens customers are getting this Blessing. What's more, Optiven Directors this morning approved the murraming of 3kms within the 40 acre development plus the entry from the KERRA road.

This will be a big 'Thank You Note' for those customers who bought this land. The current price is 695k per 1/8th and this price will be the current special Covid 19 offer, there after, it goes to 800k in September 2020. The best time to buy is now. Make a call today

Optiven has also approved a 6 Months Interest Free offer for the 695K. You only require to commit with 50% upfront.

Call 0741 700 700 
or Visit plots.optiven.co.ke
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