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Optiven Group Wins Award For Shamba Mkononi

Optiven Group has today been awarded the Digital Excellence award for it’s real estate application.  The award which was bestowed this evening in Nairobi.  The application dubbed Shamba Mkononi was launched in November this year at the Fairmont Norfolk.

It is the first application in the country that is making the ownership of property much easier as customers are able to interact with the real estate products at the touch of a button.  Amongst the key features of the App is that it will allow members of the public to earn money from Optiven’s aggressive vision of economically and socially Empowering and Transforming the society.

All that members of the public need to do is just to register through the App and become automatic Optiven partners. From your account on the App, you can then refer relatives, friends and colleagues to buy Optiven properties. “The App keeps all the input records and it is able to alerts the account holder when referrals have bought a property and it automatically credits Kshs 20,000 to Kshs 50, 000 to the registered account. The amount squarely depends on which project the customer likes. This will provide passive income to the owners of the Optiven App,” says George Wachiuri, the CEO, Optiven Group.

What’s more, this App has been designed with global standards, meaning that data security is guaranteed. The App is able to provide customers peace of mind.  “You need not send anyone to view your property as the app is able to locate the property coordinates through the use of Google Earth facility incorporate on the App. The customer is able to communicate on the app, view the statement, get updates and get inspiration nuggets. The app will reduce customers’ stress by providing all the information on customers’ hands. You only need smart phones to own a property. Land ownership is now made easier,” says Wachiuri.

The Group’s CEO notes that this App is set to drastically change the way Optiven does its operations. “The App will catapult Optiven to a league of visionary companies dealing with Big Data. Optiven is expected to grow more than 5 times and life is going to be easier for staff. Staff will get more time to innovate and think as the customer loyalty increases due to the ease of transacting business. This is a major milestone not only for Optiven but to the real estate industry,” he notes.

Members of the public have now been given capacity to enjoy and eat the Optiven cake. This is actually taking Optiven to the public. The digitized Optiven will deliver more efficient services to customers, staff and other stakeholders.

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