#AnotherOne! Abundance Gardens - Konza Technopolis – OPTIVEN

#AnotherOne! Abundance Gardens - Konza Technopolis

Have you ever thought why people with abundance mentality prosper? It all starts when you begin to see opportunities in place of scarcity.

Right here at Optiven, we introduce you to Abundance Gardens! An epic property right on the tarmac Road (Katumani - Machakos Road) and only 2.5km off Mombasa Road and Konza Technopolis fence. This property is a must have. Join the journey of the plenty, the abundant and the generous.

The journey of abundance is made easier by this friendly offering of 995K per plot bought on cash and Ksh 1,050,000 for 6 months payment by instalment.

What’s more, the project also has commercial plots adjacent to tarmac, that are ideal for building commercial establishments such as petrol stations, shops, or hotels. Talk of Abundance! These commercial plots go for Ksh 1.5M each.

You only need to pay 50% and you get to sign up to this family of Abundance.

Do not miss out this great opportunity, again 🤫

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