🎯Property of The Week from 6th - 13th June 2021 – OPTIVEN

🎯Property of The Week from 6th - 13th June 2021

This property sells at Ksh 995,000 but we are offering a one-time deal for a cash buyer, a lucky buyer who will only pay Ksh 850,000/- during this period.

Property Location:
Eden Gardens is located at the Kajiado Township approximately 1.4 km from Kajiado CBD.
This is one unique project that an investor can construct rental apartments to meet the housing needs of the huge population working in Kajiado & along the busy Namanga Highway.

🎯This project is a Standard Value-Add with electricity, access roads, water connectivity and concrete pole fencing.

☑️ Title deeds are ready.
☑️ Site visit is free
☑️ CASH PRICE is Kshs 850K

Call/WhatsApp us on
0741 700 700

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